The Integrity Home Projects Team.

The Integrity Home Projects Team

To provide our customers with the best service, we work as a collaborative, cohesive team so that your remodeling project is seamless. Our team includes:

Dan Pederson.
Dan grew up on a farm in west central Minnesota. He graduated from college with Mechanical Engineering degree with a career as an engineer with various management roles in the Minneapolis metro area for seventeen years. With two grandfathers that were carpenters and three older brothers that own their own remodeling companies, it was only a matter of time before the trade began calling. After several years of construction projects for friends and working with his brothers, Dan was waiting for the opportunity to use the business management skills he had developed in the corporate world to start his own business.

Brian Connolly.
Brian Connolly grew up in St. Paul. He graduated from technical college with a degree in Photographic Technology. The process control and systems management necessary in photo processing led to a career in quality management for several manufacturing companies, then customer service and project management. Understanding the critical components of project management and customer service along with having the lifelong hobby of remodeling, Brian has brought the two together for outstanding professionalism as the foundation for IHP.

Our Partnership.
In 1995 Brian went to work for a local laser systems company as a Quality Manager. In 1998 Dan began working at the same laser systems company as a Project Manager where he met Brian. In 2002, after working together for 4 years, the opportunity arose for the two to leave the corporate life and start Integrity Home Projects, Inc. Brian and Dan share the same family values, the same work ethic, and the same commitment to quality, excellence and customer satisfaction.

Integrity Home Projects Subcontractors
We hold ourselves to high standards and professionalism for our customers. The same is true for our team of subcontractors. The Integrity Home Projects Subcontractor is:

  • Committed to the same standards of excellence as IHP partners
  • Local, family owned
  • Provide employees with a fair wage and benefits
  • Licensed to State of Minnesota and local requirements
  • Insured (liability, property damage, workers compensation)