Our Processes Guide Your Project.

Our Processes Guide Your Project.

We know that exceptional organization is essential for smooth project management to complete your project. Integral to IHP, our comprehensive five step process management system is in place to maintain and manage your project and keep eveyone on track. Throughout all steps of the process, we keep in constant communication with you and the whole team so everyone knows what to expect and when to expect it.

The Sales Process – Initial Project Assessment
The Sales Process begins with the initial point of contact including the first meeting to discuss your project needs. We review your photos, magazine clippings or drawing examples to fully understand what you want to create in your home. General budget, goals and measurements are reviewed. The path forward is based on this initial assessment. If significant design work is required, a design contract may be in order.

The Design Process
We develop the CAD drawings and the design for your project. The design process includes floor plans, structural requirements analysis, interior design requirements, project schedule, material selections and possibly additional project elements. The final step of this process is a client approval of designs.

The Pre-Construction Meeting
This part of the remodeling process lays the foundation for the construction phase of your project. At this point, we discuss the project details, schedule, jobsite rules and expectations for each party during construction.

The Construction Process
The construction process is dictated by a detailed schedule for building based on your project. We provide a line by line project schedule. We provide milestone payment dates, decision due dates and the planned dates for build activity. We communicate with you on a regular basis, letting you know what activities are coming up next and if anything has changed on your project plan. We use our scheduling tools to manage our subcontractors, and as a method to manage changes and adjustments if necessary.

The Follow-up Process – Completion
At the completion of every remodeling project, we perform a review of the project with you.  Depending on the complexity of the project this may be a brief phone discussion or a walk-through meeting with you to determine that the project is completed to your expectations.  A customer satisfaction response sheet is provided to you for your valuable input.